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Man. United has learned not to miss any more opportunities to miss a penalty. After Pogba with Wolves and Rashford with Palace, the professional commentary has seized two sweet topics: post Ferguson mourning and racism. And Pogba, and Rashford were sworn in by the pale penalties they delivered. The topic can no longer be discussed in civil, so it is talk about the other.


Even the years after Ferguson do not allow any discussion. The conclusion after which the club’s history ended with Ferguson is a compulsory cliché. From where the mischief of image harvested by Crystal Palace after the victory over Old Trafford. Palace is atypical, sincere and irreversible. That is, regardless of the lot and the coach’s dose, a fresh machine to play street football. Who is the brother from the upper floor of the so-called park football – the name given to Sunday shakes with beer at the bar, through parks that beat the most titled stadiums. Crystal Palace takes its football from the neighborhood team status.

As you descend to Croydon, south London, tired of the poor uniformity of the houses, you risk passing Selhurst Park. Crystal Palace’s stadium is near a supermarket. Anyone can rent play and party spaces in the stadium. The border between advanced professionalism and popular entertainment is nowhere to be seen. The neighborhood has won from the beginning as a mentor. Crystal Palace is run by one-two and other strictly offensive tools brought from the street. Tactical philosophy is tolerated, but it does not dictate. Embodying the phenomenon is Wilfried Zaha, the wing with speed and the high school tricks.

Raised in Croydon, Zaha failed to escape. The transfer to United was a flop. Zaha is a street football man and that keeps him at home at the Palace. Crystal Palace and Zaha have no line and progression. They can beat anyone, for the sake of a surprise, and know how to lose exactly when they seem to have taken off. Palace only wants to play with passion and not relegate. The neighborhood is with them, and the rest of the nation wisely thinks that Palace is the only retrograde team that deserves to be saved forever. So, where to watch street football, cheap, simple and edible like a burger?

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