ATLETICO – JUVENTUS 2-2 // Hateful attack of the fans of Atlético on an eternal enemy: “Die, Cristiano” “gesture made by the Portuguese”

Cristiano Ronaldo (34), continuously whistled and insulted on ” Wanda Metropolitano ” in Atletico Madrid – Juventus 2-2, turned provocatively to the Madrid audience: “Learn! You have to learn! ”.

Cristiano knew that “Wanda Metropolitano” Atlético’s arena, is a war zone for him. Not just from the Royal period. In the spring, on March 12, he beat “colchoneros” alone, a hat-trick and 3-0 for Juventus in the return of the “best” Champions League. More. His five fingers, his trophies in the League, and his obscene gesture after that match angered Madrid fans. They didn’t forget.

“Es una puta, Cristiano es una puta”

“I hope their supporters do not challenge me again,” Ronaldo warned, feeling what was to come. A chorus of whistles against him as he appeared in the heat, an attack that continued through the game. And insults, beyond any limit, disclosed by the Brand.

“It’s a whore, Cristiano is a whore,” shouted the white ultras. The stadium rang: “Die, Cristiano!” Or “Cristiano the rapist”.

Ronaldo turned to the public, imitating the typical Italian gesture of protest, with his fingers together. In the mixed area, the Portuguese said what he suggested with that gesture: “Learn! You have to learn! ”.

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